Tammy Ly, Tayshia Adams, Natasha Parker, and Joe Amabile discuss the whirlwind week in Bachelor Nation on the latest episode of the “Click Bait” podcast.

Ly, who was from Peter Weber’s season of “The Bachelor”, says of being a woman of colour and being seen as a villain on the show: “I am an aggressive personality, I’m very loud, a New Yorker, a Gemini,” adding she can see why she was portrayed as that character.

She adds, “It was 10 times worse because people aren’t familiar with people of colour speaking out and not being a secondary character.”

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Ly also says she thinks viewers get uncomfortable seeing people of colour with a louder personality.

Adams talks about being the first biracial Bachelorette, telling the hosts: “If I can be that one person that someone can identify with on a show that they’ve never really able to identify with before, that means a lot to me.

“We’re making waves, slowly but surely.”

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Adams adds she would get a lot of thankful DMs, saying: “It means a lot to me.”

The discussion comes after “Bachelor” host Chris Harrison temporarily stepped down from the show following his controversial interview with Rachel Lindsay, where he defended “Bachelor” contestant Rachael Kirkconnell’s past racist actions. See more in the clip below.