Kat Dennings has got Billy Eilish’s back.

Dennings came to Eilish’s defence in October after people online began body-shaming her. The “WandaVision” actress told “The Drew Barrymore Show” that she has no interest in watching Eilish, 19, get dragged through the mud for her appearance.

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“I love Billie Eilish anyway, I was obviously in a mood that day,” she said. “It’s just that, it’s a young girl, like, this is a child we are talking about and I grew up, and I know you certainly grew up, in a time when you are just scrutinized so much. I mean this amazing body positivity movement that is happening now is amazing and awesome but when I was younger this wasn’t the way it was and I got a lot of negative talk about my body and I just kind of like lived with it and I’m sure it created a lot of problems, I’m sure it’s kind of why I am a jerk now.”

“There is something visceral that happens to me when somebody talks about a young person’s body, it’s not okay and it’s none of their business,” Dennings continued. “And this is a person who has created the most beautiful, culture-changing art and this is what you talk about. It’s so stupid to me.”

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Dennings, 34, also dished on the mysterious plot of “WandaVision”, assuring fans that it is supposed to be confusing.

“The first three episodes are meant to confuse, mystify the audience. So finally someone shows up to represent the audience and tell them more or less what’s going on, we think,” she said of her character Darcy Lewis.