Dionne Warwick Shares Secret Recipe To Her Social Media Success: ‘I’ve Always Been Dionne’

Dionne Warwick was already a music icon, but she is quickly developing a reputation as a modern social media legend.

Warwick, 80, is steadily climbing the ranks on her way to being the queen of social media. In a new feature for Billboard, the eight-time Grammy-winner says her social media success is about being her authentic, undeniable self.

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“I’ve always been Dionne. I think that’s what people expect me to be — which makes me very happy because that’s the only person I’m going to be, regardless of whether they want me to or not,” Warwick shared. “I’m being true to me, true to whom I am and true to my audiences: those who have been supportive over 60 years, and now all the new kids have joined the flock.”

“It’s a nice thing to be able to say: ‘Well, she hasn’t changed. She’s still there!'” she added.

Renowned record executive Clive Davis credits Warwick’s success on social media to her savvy mind.

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“She is very clever. She’s a warrior,” said Davis. “Look, no one’s going to stereotype Dionne Warwick. And no one should ever sell her short.”

And she’s even doing a Twitter Q&A – see below to ask her your very own questions using the hashtag #DionneOnBillboard.

Warwick ranks among the 40 biggest hitmakers between 1955 and 1999. She is one of the most-charted female vocalists of all-time with 56 of her singles making the Hot 100 in a 36-year span.

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