A sneak peek at the next edition of “American Idol” features a teenage contestant who bears a striking resemblance to one of the judges.

In a clip from the episode, viewers are introduced to Hannah Everhart, a 17-year-old aspiring country singer from Canton, Mississippi.

In a pre-taped package, Everhart opens up about “simple country life” in her small hometown, a place where “everybody knows everybody.”

In fact, flying to California to audition “was crazy,” given that it was her first time on an airplane. “Like, how many people get to say they used a bathroom in the air?” she marvels.

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As for that resemblance, she admits, “Oh my gosh, I get it all the time. Every time I get my hair done, ‘Wow, she looks like Katy Perry.’ Maybe it’s the eyeballs, ’cause we both got blue ones. And they’re big.”

Finally, Everhart takes to the audition stage to meet her doppelgänger.

“Are you the country version of me?” asks Perry.

“Everybody said I looked like you,” admits Everhart.

“Were we separated at birth?” Perry queries. “Somethin’ like that,” quips Everhart before launching into her audition, Johnny Cash’s “Wayfaring Stranger”.

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She doesn’t blow the judges away, and they tell her that she’s holding back. Everhart then admits that she originally had another song in mind for her audition, but stuck with “Wayfaring Stranger” in order to “play it safe.”

Perry asks what song she was considering, which is revealed to be Etta James’ “At Last” — and naturally the judges want her to give it a try. This time it works, her voice soaring to heights not even hinted at in her earlier performance.

Fans will find out whether the judges send her to Hollywood on Sunday’s edition of “American Idol”.