Sears Flops With ‘Kardashian Kollection’ Clothing Line

Celebrity-endorsed products can bring in big bucks for retailers, but slapping a star’s face on an item isn’t always a guarantee that people will actually buy it.

That was certainly the case with the disastrous Kardashian Kredit Kard a few years back, and now the first family of reality TV can count its Kardashian Kollection clothing line as another retail flop.

According to industry trade bible Adweek, the Kardashian Kollection was rolled out at 400 Sears stores throughout the U.S. back in August 2011, and has been a complete bust for the venerable retailer. “Critics scoffed that the deal made little thematic sense,” notes Adweek, pointing out that the last place you’d expect to find a designer-conscious Kardashian shopping for clothes would be Sears.

As Adweek points out, “the line failed to attract shoppers (even on Black Friday) and hasn’t kept Sears from posting losses each quarter since” its 2011 launch.

Although Sears invested heavily in the “Kollection,” which includes items such as clothing, handbags and eyeglasses, the Kardashian name doesn’t appear to be a hit with customers, and it seems unlikely the recently released fall line will result in a sales turnaround.

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