Taking a cue from John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s iconic “bed-in” peace protests in the late 1960s, newlyweds Pamela Anderson and Dan Hayhurst remained under the sheets while giving their first joint interview as spouses.

Appearing remotely on the British talk show “Loose Women”, Anderson and Hayhurst cuddled up together in bed while speaking with the hosts from their home on Vancouver Island.

“Pamela, to quote you, you have said in the past ‘in the arms of the man I love is exactly where I should be.’ I didn’t think we were actually going to see you in the arms of the man you love,” quipped one of the hosts.

“We haven’t left here since Christmas Eve,” joked Anderson, referring to their bed.

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According to Anderson, she and Hayhurst met “on the property. He was working here and I got stuck here during COVID and we got together,” she explained.

“I’ve been home for the last year and a half renovating. It’s a gorgeous piece of property. And Dan and his kids are living here, too. We’re having a good time.”

She also opened up about the couple’s wedding, which was a small and intimate affair due to the pandemic.

“We prefer to be by ourselves but it would have been nice to have some people here,” she admitted. “Our witnesses were the First Nations people who came to do our blessing and get rid of our demons.”

Added Hayhurst: “I don’t think we’re coming out of lockdown. I think we’ll stay in lockdown forever.”

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Hayhurst also joked about their strong physical attraction when asked how they came to get together.

“I couldn’t resist and she couldn’t resist me?” he said. “I’ll show you under the covers if you want.”

According to Anderson, Hayhurst is “a good guy. He’s the kinda guy I would have met if I didn’t go round the world and get crazy.”

She added: “It’s nice to be with a real man who can actually change a lightbulb. He’s useful. It’s the new thing.”