Ellen Pompeo is excited about the future of the entertainment industry with Ava DuVernay taking the lead.

On Thursday, the “Selma” director launched ARRAY Crew, which will offer productions access to below-the-line crew members from underrepresented backgrounds looking for work.

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“We’re going to just build something that people can no longer say I don’t know how,” DuVernay told Deadline.

On Friday, Pompeo celebrated the launch and praised DuVernay for helping to change the culture of Hollywood, posting to Twitter: “@ava changing workplace culture and creating jobs in a Hollywood wait not just jobs careers… share this with people!!”

Talking about the ARRAY Crew, DuVernay explained said, “Look, we understand that when we’re disrupting systems, it has to be done systematically. So, before we think about anything else, we have to look at the really startling numbers and the lack of diversity that is on sets around our industry. We need to start there.”

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She went on to say, “I have to create and be a part of the change that I want to see, and so, after I go through the period of being on every panel and being in every article about diversity, I stopped doing that a couple years ago, and I said, no more panels. We’re going to just build something so that people can no longer say I don’t know how.”