When it comes to innovation in fashion, Rebecca Minkoff has committed to being on the forefront. And for a brand that has always had such a strong relationship with tech, it only made sense to connect with the designer virtually. 

Minkoff caught up with ET Canada the day after her presentation at NYFW, which saw the innovator create an indoor botanical garden amid the New York cityscape. She was able to allow a limited number of guests to view the presentation live, with COVID-19 protocols in place, including temperature checks and guest rotations.

Rebecca Minkoff is synonymous with fringe, studs and the perfect marriage of boho west-coast coast, meets edgy east coast. And while that remained tried and true at this week’s fashion show, her team found a new way to bring the presentation to life.

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The brand partnered with Yahoo Ryot Lab, innovating a way for consumers to interact with their latest collection, using augmented reality. The AR experience allows consumers to get 360-degree views of products, while having the ability to see the items in their own space.

Designer Rebecca Minkoff (C) poses at the Rebecca Minkoff presentation during New York Fashion Week. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows
Designer Rebecca Minkoff (C) poses at the Rebecca Minkoff presentation during New York Fashion Week. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows

“I think our constant goal is to remove pain points from the consumer, make it easier for her to shop. And to have another vehicle of communicating with her,” Minkoff explained. “They’re just more ways that we can be in touch with her.”

This week also marked the debut of Rebecca Minkoff’s Only Fans account. The content based subscription platform has historically been known for X-rated content, but Rebecca has different plans.

“There’s just things that just don’t seem right to put on other platforms, in terms of longer form content, educational content, outtakes, the things that make me human,” she revealed. “So I think this will be the place where people can get that.”

The brand will be using Only Fans to share behind the scenes content, and a closer look at the Spring 2021 collection. She is also working on an hour-long mentorship class to give others insight into her journey as a female entrepreneur.

“If you have the opportunity to get your most dedicated, loyal, rabid fans surrounding a platform, I think that’s somewhere to be. So we’re trying it out,” she added.

But for those familiar with the Rebecca Minkoff brand – the adoption of these innovations will come as no surprise. In 2005, Minkoff’s classic M.A.B (‘Morning After’ Bag) became a fashion closet staple, after a feature on Daily Canada – a popular e-newsletter. And whether it’s social media and podcasting, or engaging new platforms like Only Fans and Clubhouse, experimenting with tech is something that will always remain a brand priority for the fashion house.

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“Pre-social media. The only way for a designer to make it then was for Anna Wintour to deem you like fairy godmother, or for you to be sold at Barneys. I really didn’t get either of those opportunities… Daily Candy wrote about it, the customer rallied behind it. And she’s been there for me,” Minkoff continued. “I had to innovate, the minute I saw her on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram I was like awesome another way to communicate with her and another way to reach her. So it’s been organic from the beginning. We always try new things and see how they go.”

“I think every brand should look at it that way,” she said. “There doesn’t have to be some big, serious, strategy. Try it. See what happens. We like to try, and throw a bunch of spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks.”

See the AR collection.