Chris Evans is sharing an update on his dog Dodger.

The “Captain America” star revealed that his adopted pup had to get a second hip replacement.

“Hip replacement #2 completed! Such a trooper. He’ll be back in action in no time,” Evans captioned a picture of Dodger’s scar.

And while Dodger was in surgery, Evans taught himself how to sew so he could fix Dodger’s favourite toy.

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“Yesterday while he was in surgery, so was his favourite lion(which had been on IR since November after a nasty tear). I’ve never sewn anything before but I’m pretty proud of my hack job,” Evans continued.

He also shared pictures of his sewing job, alongside the lion and Dodger cuddling, adding, “They’re both happily recovering in each other’s company.”

Evans previously told Jimmy Kimmel why he got his dog’s name tattooed on his chest.

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“That’s probably one of the truest relationships I have,” Evans said. “I’ll never regret that tattoo. I’ve regretted a few in my life, but not that one.”