In a sneak peek at Sunday’s “American Idol”, viewers meet Liahona Olayan and her brother Ammon, born just a year apart.

As they tell the judges, they, their parents and their six siblings spent a few years living in a tent in order to get closer to their Hawaiian heritage and each other, which is when they discovered the enjoyed writing songs. On the urging of Katy Perry, they performed it for judges.

They judges were seriously impressed, with Lionel Richie jokingly asking for their parents’ phone number “so I can figure out how to put my kids in a tent.” Calling the song “so fresh,” Richie told the two he “doesn’t want to critique it too hard. I like what you both did.”

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“I don’t even know what y’all were singin’, I don’t even know what was goin’ on, all I know is I was loving the savant-ness of it,” said Luke Bryan, praising Liahana’s radio-ready voice.

“I think you guys are on the right path,” Perry told the two.

“I don’t think me and Lia have ever done something so big,” Ammon said of the audition in an interview with  Honolulu’s Daily Herald. “Being on national television and stuff like that, that’s a lot of pressure. But yeah, it was super exciting.”

He also admitted he found the show’s set to be daunting.

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“The ground that their chairs are on is kind of raised higher than the ground that you’re on, and so it kind of looks like they’re sitting on thrones, and that was super intimidating,” Ammon added. “I was super happy that I had Lia to give me some support.”

He added, “Being on ‘American Idol,’ it’s a great experience and such a great honour.”