Following news that there won’t be a sixth season of Idris Elba’s critically acclaimed police drama “Luther”, the actor revealed that fans hadn’t seen the last of DCI John Luther.

Appearing on “The All-New Capital Weekender” radio show on Friday, Elba revealed that plans are underway for a “Luther” movie, which will go into production later this year.

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Asked about his plans for 2021, he replied, “Definitely making more music, people that love my film and stuff, listen, I’m going to be making ‘Luther: The Movie’.”

He continued, “I’m super excited and I hope the fans are sort of excited for that. It’s been a long time coming for a movie, for people that have loved the show. We’ve been making the show for 10 years, so we’re makinga film.”

During the interview, Elba also told host MistaJam that he’s got some new music on the way, including a collab with Megan Thee Stallion.

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“I’m doing more music, Jam, you know what it’s like, I’m trying to stay with it when we’re not gigging now. So I’ve got some really cool music coming, been working with Franky Wah on a tune I’m looking forward to dropping,” he added. “I’ve got a bit of a banger, I don’t want to say too much but me, Megan Thee Stallion and Davido that’s coming. Shout out to the fanatics.”