“Wynonna Earp” fans are once again trying to save their favourite show.

Syfy recently announced that the cult-favourite won’t be picked up for a fifth season, but the #BringWynonnaHome hashtag quickly started to trend.

Fans previously helped out when financial issues ahead of season four put the show at risk.

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“They’re a formidable group,” Jordy Randall of Seven24 Films, which produces the series, said of the fans to The Wrap. “They have the ability to create situations and outcomes for the show that I’ve never seen before.”

Randall did say that Seven24 is looking for new distribution, but wouldn’t expand on details.

“We don’t believe that the franchise is over,” he said. “We have more stories to tell.”

One of the people fighting for the show is Jill Macklem, who said, “Earpers, if nothing else, we don’t go down without a fight.”

She described how she and two other fans came up with the idea for #BringWynonnaHome.

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“The three of us just spent hours on the phone, kind of banding back and forth ideas,” Macklem said.

The hashtag quickly took off: