Earlier this week, it was announced that CBS cancelled “Mom” at the end of their current eighth season.

The Allison Janney-starring series is the network’s longest-running comedy on the air; Janney had co-starred with Anna Faris, who exited the show after the seventh season, which took away the complex mother-daughter dynamic that had been at the heart of the series.

After the cancellation, a number of the show’s stars shared and signed a petition to save or find a new home for “Mom”.

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Janney, Mimi Kennedy and Kristen Johnston all shared the petition on social media.

As of Saturday afternoon, the petition was only 500 signatures away from the 15,000 goal.

“This show has no doubt saved countless lives by promoting substance abuse recovery and encouraging people to seek help. The show has also given a huge platform to the under-represented voices and stories of women on television, a fact that should not go unnoticed in this post-#MeToo era,” the petition reads in part.

Just before the cancellation, Janney spoke about the show and Anna Farris’ sudden departure ahead of season eight.

“It was very odd, she is very missed. Anna is missed and her character on the show is missed,” Janney told the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. “We are just happy she is doing what she wants to do now and we are happy that we are still able to tell these stories about these great women in recovery.”

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The series finale of “Mom” will air on Thursday, May 6.

You can sign the petition here.