“The Bachelor” star Kendall Long discusses that Chris Harrison controversy in a new interview for the “Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef” podcast.

Long, who starred on season 22 of “The Bachelor” and season 5 of “Bachelor in Paradise”, thinks Harrison “needs to do a lot of growing” after he confirmed he’d be temporarily stepping down from the show.

The reality TV star shares, “I would like to hear from [him], you know, in his own words, like seeing his face with more of an explanation about this and with more of what he’s learned from this and how we can do better moving forward.”

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The discussion comes after Harrison’s much-talked-about interview with Rachel Lindsay was released, during which he defended “Bachelor” contestant Rachael Kirkconnell’s past racist actions.

Long adds, “I don’t agree with how Chris conducted himself. I think he could’ve conducted himself so much better.

“And I think a lot of what he said made me cringe and it doesn’t seem like the Chris that I knew. Rachel held herself really well in a situation like that. I was glad to see that she handled herself so professionally, and it’s hard when you’re in a situation that is blatantly not okay.”

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Long shares, “I think Chris taking some time off the show is good.”

She also says she thinks someone like Mike Johnson should replace Harrison on the show.

Long, who insists bosses should address the matter on the show, explains, “There has to be someone who has experience, who is well versed and who can give a good voice to this movement and give a good voice to like how Bachelor Nation can move forward.

“So it’s not an easy decision. I think it has to be… really carefully thought out. I almost think Mike Johnson will be really great. He’s so well spoken, he also is doing the podcast right now, his Bachelor Nation podcast.”