Nicholas Braun tried his luck with Kim Kardashian… and failed.

Last month, the “Succession” star, who plays Cousin Greg on the hit show, shared an Instagram video discussing Kardashian and Kanye West’s recently announced divorce.

Braun urged the reality TV star, “It’s all about meeting new people.”

He said in the clip, “It hurts to think about how they’re feeling and how she’s feeling, I mean, I’m wondering at this point, where do they even go from here? Where does she go from… at this moment.

“Cause she’s been through three marriages now, and it’s like, are you willing to even take a shot on a new guy at this point? Would you be down to meet a new person, totally just kind of different guy?”

Braun suggested Kardashian should date someone like him next.

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The actor said, “One who can make you laugh a little bit, or make you feel small cause he’s so tall.

“Just a guy who’s talking about her on the internet. A guy who makes a video like this and he’s sort of like trying to find a way to just talk to her because he doesn’t know anybody who knows her,” Braun continued, adding he’s hopeful his message will reach Kardashian eventually.

Braun said Kardashian might think, “Hmm, this is kind of different. This guy is odd, but maybe in a good way.”

But in an update reveals his attempt to woo the star didn’t work out.

“I keep getting these messages in my inbox about Kim Kardashian … if she’s reached out to me, if she’s said anything,” he said Friday. “I didn’t care if she responded. She didn’t respond. She didn’t say anything. Nothing. Nobody on her team or in her world said anything.”

Kardashian was previously married to music producer Damon Thomas from 2000 to 2004; she tied the knot with Kris Humphries in 2011. She and West have been married since 2014.