Tyler, The Creator can add commercial music composer to his resume.

The rapper, 29, has provided the soundtrack for the new Coca-Cola ad, something he’s always wanted to do.

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Of the ad, titled “Open That Coca-Cola”, Tyler said, “Man, thanks to Coca-Cola for real big love for the opportunity. I was like ehh idk, but then I f**king ran with it. Commercials need sounds like this. Thanks!”

“That’s me playing the flute at the beginning,” he revealed. Adding, “Drums are f**king hard. The low end is shaking.”

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The new commercial features people from all over the world bursting into some fun dance moves after that first sip of a cold Coca-Cola.

“What does Coca-Cola even taste like?” the brand says of the new ad. “The thing is, it’s more than just a taste, it’s a feeling beyond words. Oooh! Aaah! Yeeah!”

Watch the full commercial above.

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