Daniel Kaluuya Reveals He Skipped The Sundance Premiere Of ‘Get Out’ Because He Didn’t Get An Invite

Daniel Kaluuya made a virtual appearance on “The Graham Norton Show”, where he solved a mystery.

When “Get Out” debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2017, Kaluuya wasn’t in attendance; it was commonly assumed that his absence was because he was in the midst of filming “Black Panther”.

However, he told host Graham Norton the real reason why he never made it to Park City, Utah, for the film fest.

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“They didn’t invite me, bro. They didn’t invite me,” he revealed,

“[During] the Sundance world premiere [of ‘Get Out’], I was in Atlanta because I was shooting ‘[Black] Panther’,” he explained. “And I cleared my schedule and I was like, ‘Yo, I really wanna do it.’ And then [I] just didn’t get an invite. I wasn’t invited.”

Meanwhile, discussing the Jordan Peele-directed horror movie, Kaluuya joked that the film’s title had led him to use a different turn of phrase than “Get Out”.

“When I have conversations now, I have to say, ‘Leave,'” he quipped.

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