FKA Twigs speaks further about accusing ex Shia LaBeouf of abuse in a chat with “I May Destroy You” creator Michaela Coel for The Face.

Twigs, who filed a civil lawsuit against the actor, accusing him of sexual battery, assault, and inflicting emotional distress, says of coming forward with her story, “I felt like [exhales deeply] a big relief and a lot of healing for my ancestors who have been abused.

“I felt like it was a real step, not just for me, [but also] for any women who, God forbid, are experiencing or have experienced that. It was also for my ancestors that have been abused. Which is a lot.”

Twigs says of how she felt before he shared it, “I felt like I was holding on to somebody else’s dysfunction. And now I feel like I’ve given it back to him.

“It’s his to hold and rightly so. He can hold it because it’s not mine.”

Photography: Charlotte Wales
Photography: Charlotte Wales

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The musician, who met LaBeouf on the set of “Honey Boy” in 2018 before dating for nine months, continues, “You know, it’s important in this day and age that everybody’s able to be accountable for their actions.

“And I don’t mean in an ‘outrage culture’ kind of way, because I’m not really here for that either.

“I mean in a real, genuine, deep place that, thank GOODNESS, we are finally in, where women don’t have to be quiet about that sort of thing anymore.”

“I felt like the conversation around domestic abuse is a very new one and it’s massively uncharted territory. I didn’t really necessarily want to be the person that had to start it, but my life has somehow led me down this course,” Twigs adds.

“I just thought, I’m old enough and I know myself enough that I felt I could do some good. I felt like I could make a change and I’m not gonna get everything right. I’m not gonna word everything correctly and I’m sure that there’ll be things that the world or society needs to understand about this new topic. I didn’t understand it when I was going through it. But maybe, if I’d have known what I know now, I’d have been able to get myself out sooner, or seen the signs not to get in it at all.

“That’s how I feel. I feel like I’ve given someone’s dysfunction back to them and I feel that I need to live my life now.”

Photography: Charlotte Wales
Photography: Charlotte Wales

The interview comes after LaBeouf’s lawyers responded to the allegations, with the actor denying everything.

In his response, he “denies, generally and specifically, each and every allegation contained in [Barnett]’s Complaint, denies that [Barnett] has sustained any injury or loss by reason of any act or omission on the part of [LaBeouf], and denies that [Barnett] is entitled to any relief or damages whatsoever.”

Twigs recently spoke to Gayle King about the abuse allegations for a “CBS This Morning” interview. See more in the clip below.