Jason Derulo was not impressed by the interview skills of one viewer.

Derulo appeared on Tuesday’s episode of “The One Show”. Host Amol Rajan posed a question to the “Savage Love” singer from a fan of the show. The question: Why does Derulo sing his own name at the top of every song.

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“Oh God, that’s a dumb question, but I’ll answer it,” Derulo responded. “When I was 19 years old I was just coming out on the scene and I wanted the world to know who was singing the song. And I just started doing it and then it took off.”

“I don’t think it works for everyone,” Derulo added when pressed for an elaboration. “But it definitely works for me.”

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He answered a similar question when making on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” back in October.

“Well, itโ€™s a bigger hit if I sing my name at the front, you know, obviously. So, yeah, I had to bring that back,” he said at the time. “And I was actually wondering why other people didnโ€™t sing my name at the front of their songs as well because it worked so well for me. They should sing ‘Jason Derulo’ at the front of their songs.”