Bebe Rexha has no patience for those trying to get a rise out of her.

Rexha, 31, took some online trolls to task who tried to downplay her success as a commercial artist. It all stated on Tuesday when one critic told Rexha to “relax” that she only had “one diamond song.”

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“How many you have? One more than you,” Rexha replied. “I don’t got time for Internet trolls today. Only come for me if you want me to s**t on your whole life.”

“B**ches ain’t s**t and they ain’t nothin,” she added.

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When another troll told her, “your last song flopped,” the two-time Grammy nominee retorted, “True. But I’m still loved and I’m still rich.”

She subsequently offered advice for those seeking their own brush with greatness: “Just wanna say something. If you wanna be great, PREPARE TO FAIL A LOT.