Colin Jost just can’t escape Andy Samberg.

On Tuesday’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers”, the co-host of “Weekend Update” on Global’s “Saturday Night Live” made an appearance to promote his new “Tom & Jerry” movie.

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But in the middle of talking about the new movie, Meyers interrupted him

“This is pretty rare, but we just got some news. Andy Samberg has reached out. He wants you to check your phone right now,” the host said.

Jost, who had been appearing virtually from home, had to turn off his camera while he checked his text messages and began reading them out.

“Hey, are you on with Seth right now for your interview?” Samberg wrote to him. “Reminder to turn off alerts on your laptop. [Photo of me.] This you? If you don’t turn off alerts, it will keep popping up and interrupting. Can be very annoying.”

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With the “Late Night” crew laughing in the background, Jost continued reading, “Anyway, hope you getting these in real time so it doesn’t become annoying if someone texts you while it’s happening. Might be bad TV. Nielsen ratings could get screwy.”

Things then took a raunchier tone when Samberg texted, “Full disclosure, on peyote right now. Don’t be mad. Dick pic?”

Meyers interrupted again to ask, “Is he asking if you want one, or is he asking you to send one?”

“Get or send,” Samberg responded.

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