It may be one and done for “WandaVision”.

The hit series on Disney+ will be coming to an end in the coming weeks, and Marvel head Kevin Feige has confirmed that as yet there are no plans for a second season.

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“I’ve been at Marvel too long to say a definite ‘No’ to anything as far as a second season of ‘WandaVision’,” he told Deadline.

He added, though, that star Elizabeth Olsen will be reprising the character of Wanda Maximoff in the upcoming sequel “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”.

“Lizzy Olsen will go from ‘WandaVision’ to the ‘Doctor Strange’ film,” he said.

Feige also explained that Marvel is mapping out its new TV productions for the Disney streaming service much like it mapped out the interconnecting films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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“The fun of the MCU is obviously all the crossover we can do between series, between films. So it will vary based on the story. Sometimes it will go into a season 2, sometimes it will go into a feature and back into a series,” he said. “Sometimes, and yet to be announced, we’re thinking of and planning second seasons for some of the upcoming series.”

The executive also confirmed that the upcoming “Ms Marvel” series will serve as a hand-off to the “Captain Marvel 2″.

“The goal is to expand the fans of Marvel,” Feige said.