Megan Thee Stallion is making sure that Coach’s Fall/Winter 2021 campaign is “so fetch.”

The rapper takes on the role of Regina George in the “Mean Girls”-inspired section of the collection’s promo video.

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While Rachel McAdams originally portrayed the queen bee in the cult-classic 2004 movie, Meghan puts her own spin on the character with the addition of some twerking.

The video is a spoof on the scene where George is first introduced into the film. 

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The script reads: “Megan Thee Stallion is flawless. One time, she locked eyes with Medusa and all the snakes unionized. Each of her dogs has its own bedroom and country home in France. Shakespeare wrote five sonnets about her. Yeah, she wasn’t alive yet but… he knew. I heard her favorite movie is an anime based on her own life and it won best picture.

“Her nails are so long that she accidentally gouged my eye out and it was awesome. I heard that she was walking down the street and a guy saw her and crashed his car. It was so fetch. Or, not fetch… it was awesome. She’s perfect.”

Jennifer Lopez and Michael B. Jordan also star in the quirky campaign, which explores the intersection of fashion and pop culture.

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