Arsenio Hall and Stephen Colbert discussed having their late-night TV status in common as the comedian appeared on Wednesday’s “The Late Show”.

Hall, 65, who has been busy promoting his new movie “Coming 2 America”, hosted “The Arsenio Hall Show”, which originally ran from 1989 to 1994.

Despite airing at the same time as Johnny Carson’s “The Tonight Show”, Hall insisted there was no competition. In fact, Carson even recommended guests for Hall’s show.

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Hall told Colbert, “Sometimes Johnny would come across someone he thought was really great, but he didn’t discover talent.

“Me being the young guy, I would put on a new Mariah Carey or Will Smith. They would give me names. Like they gave me Usher Raymond once, because I guess Ed knew him from ‘Star Search’.”

Hall went on, “To know that not only he doesn’t hate me, but he tried to help me because the paths were so divided, so distinctly divided.

“You know, you knew who a Johnny guest was, and you knew who an Arsenio guest was.”

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Six-time Emmy Award-winner Carson passed away in January 2005 at age 79.

Hall also spoke about why it took decades to convince Eddie Murphy that giving the world a “Coming to America” sequel was the right thing to do.

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