Jann Arden is trying to protect horses from cruel treatment.

In recent days, the Canadian singer has actively supported the efforts of the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition to end the transport of live horses to Japan for their meat.

In a CHDC petition shared by Arden, the coalition alleges that the federal government’s Canadian Food Inspection Agency has failed to follow its own state animal welfare regulations when it comes to the transport of horses.

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According to the singer, large draft horses are being transported by plane from cities like Calgary, Winnipeg and Edmonton under inhumane conditions, in cramped wooden crates without food, water or companionship.

The petition makes a number of claims, including that “scientific evidence shows that horses suffer physically and psychologically during long-distance transport and during loading and unloading,” and, “a 2019 Nanos poll revealed that 69% of Canadian respondents are opposed to the slaughter of horses for human consumption.”

In a statement to 680 News, the government said, “The CFIA is aware that some Canadians object to the export of horses to Japan because they do not consider horses to be food animals.”

The CFIA added, “Whether considered a competition or companion animal, or livestock, the transport of any horse must be completed in a safe and humane manner, in compliance with federal regulations.”

Additionally, the CFIA says that veterinary inspectors are on hand at airports to ensure that shipment of live horses meet its own regulations and the Health of Animals Act for fitness and humane treatment.

“Horses are herd animals and usually travel three to four in a crate. Once loaded, the animals are visually inspected to verify that each animal can maintain its referred position or adjust its body position in order to protect itself from injuries. The crate is weighed to further verify that it is not overcrowded. If required, the combination of horses in a crate is adjusted,” the CFIA state.

The agency added that since 2013 approximately 40,000 animals have been transported to Japan, with only five hose deaths in that time.

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The controversy comes as investigative new program “W5” is set to air an episode titled “Flight Animals”, reporting on the allegedly cruel treatment of horses in transport.