‘Body Brokers’ Made Michael K. Williams ‘Sick To My Stomach’

Shooting “Body Brokers” was a revolting experience for Michael K. Williams, but it had nothing to do with production.

Williams, 54, has his own battles with substance abuse and filming director John Swab’s “Body Brokers” showed Williams how predatory some recovery centres for addicts can be. He opened up about the film and his own health in a new interview on “Tamron Hall”.

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“‘Body Brokers,’ quite frankly, made me sick to my stomach. I was ignorant to the narrative and the subject of what this movie was addressing,” he shared. “And I remember personally, you know, one of those many nights when I was crying myself to sleep…I would see these commercials about the, you know, these elaborate beautiful recovery centres.”

“Most of them within Malibu and I would say, ‘Man if I could get there maybe I could just get my life together.’ And to think that that was never really the intent for them, ever,” he continued. “I’m quite sure there are people there that care, it’s just, you know, the capitalism aspect of that goes into the – I don’t think that ever was any good, I think that was always there.”

Williams also touched on finding his own identity after the conclusion of “The Wire”, a highly-acclaimed and career-making show.

“When ‘The Wire’ was coming to an end, I had no legs to stand on. I had stopped doing the work on myself, you know, shutting down the inner critic in my head, and went from being, you know, a shy, dark-skinned kid in the hood, corny, too all of a sudden, you know, everyone is just, you know, ‘Yo, man I love you, I love you.'”

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“I was like, the only small problem was they were calling me ‘Omar’ and not Michael,” he continued. “That was the beginning of me losing myself, of losing my identity and in my work, and that all came back to haunt me drastically. Towards the end, I had no leg to stand on when that show ended, because I was forced to go back and look in the mirror.”

Williams stars alongside Jack Kilmer, Jessica Rothe and Frank Grillo in “Body Brokers”. The film premiered on Feb. 19.

“Tamron Hall” airs weekdays on Global.

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