Adam Sandler and “Happy Gilmore” co-star Christopher McDonald appeared on “The Dan Patrick Show” in honour of this month marking the 25h anniversary of the classic golf comedy.

The anniversary has been firing up fans online, and the clamour for a sequel is growing by the day, with one idea that’s been catching fire following Sandler’s Happy Gilmore and his nemesis, McDonald’s Shooter McGavin, as they compete on the PGA senior tour.

According to Sandler, however, there have been no formal discussions about a sequel, but he thinks that idea is a solid one.

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“[A sequel] has not been discussed, but it certainly has been discussed on the internet,” Sandler told host Dan Patrick.

“Believe me, that senior tour idea? It would be so amazing to go around [doing that]. You can greenlight this. I don’t know if we could write it though,” Sandler said.

“I am double in. I would love to do it,” said McDonald.

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“Everybody has been screaming for it, like Adam said, on the internet,” McDonald added. “I just gotta say it would be a complete blast. The senior tour with us two? Oh my god.”

Rumours of a “Happy Gilmore” sequel began when Sandler celebrated the 25th anniversary by taking one of his patented slap-shot-style drive at a golf course, with McDonald replying and issuing a challenge. Watch:

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Revisiting The ‘Happy Gilmore’ Premiere As Adam Sandler’s Classic Comedy Turns 25