Tiffany Haddish tries to convince Taye Diggs to try online dating as she guest-hosts “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Friday.

Diggs talks turning 50 before Haddish insists he’s “50 and fine,” asking him how his love life is.

The actor shares, “This is the thing, because I’m 50, right? I look at Instagram and there are all these beautiful women, it’s really confusing and intimidating as well.

“You can find anything you want. So I have no idea how to go…” as Haddish insists he should join Bumble where the “women choose.”

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Haddish tells the “All American” star, “You’re going to feel handsome, you’re going to feel wanted.”

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Diggs also talks about working out in the same gym as Haddish’s boyfriend Common, and how his son has started to flip the script during his Instagram videos after he realized his dad was using him for the cute factor.

Plus, Haddish puts Diggs in the hot seat to answer some “Burning Questions”: