Sienna Miller says she relates to Britney Spears after watching the “Framing Britney Spears” documentary.

Similar to the pop superstar, Miller, 39, faced major media scrutiny following her relationship with ex Jude Law and his subsequent cheating scandal. For Spears, it was the sea of cameras that endlessly followed her for years, as documented in the new New York Times documentary.

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Speaking to The Guardian, the actress revealed she can “really relate” to Spears.

“Everyone in the culture was complicit in what was being done to girls in that moment,” she said. “I was definitely a victim of that, and I couldn’t handle it. I don’t know how anyone could. It was assault.”

“I think the reaction from a lot of women under that kind of scrutiny at the time was to just lose it a little bit,” Miller continued. “You’re in a perpetual state of anxiety. You’re living this video-game existence, being hunted relentlessly. Watching the documentary, I could really relate to those moments where she cracks because it’s unmanageable. It is aggressive and terrifying and you lose control. That’s their intention.”

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But Miller was able to control the media, by going to court, “If someone backs me into a corner, I will fight my way out. I was young, and under real scrutiny at a moment where tabloid culture was destructive. I didn’t want it, I fought it legally, and I triumphed.”