Jane Fonda is having a moment of reflection ahead of being honoured with the Cecil B. DeMille award at Sunday’s Golden Globes. 

The acclaimed actress has won two Oscars, an Emmy and multiple Golden Globes, but there’s one thing Fonda admits she has yet to accomplish.

The 83-year-old star took part in a virtual conversation in advance of receiving the prestigious honour this weekend. 

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“I’ll tell you something that I haven’t achieved, which is a successful marriage,” she replied when asked if there was one thing she hasn’t yet achieved that she wants to accomplish. 

“But the second part of your question is, ‘Do you want to?’ I don’t want to,” she continued. “See I live by myself. I don’t have any guy who doesn’t want a woman who is willing to be angry and who doesn’t want a woman who is willing to be angry and stand up.”

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“I’m not threatening anybody. I can watch whatever I want on TV. So I don’t ever want to be married again. But it’s something I wish I’d been better at.”

The “Monster-in-Law” star has been married to director Roger Vadim, politician Tom Hayden and to CNN founder Ted Turner. 

Fonda was joined in conversation by Norman Lear, who will be honoured with the Carol Burnett award during the ceremony.

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Asked what he has yet to accomplish, Lear replied, “I have not yet achieved tomorrow.”

The 78th Annual Golden Globe Awards airs on Sunday, Feb. 28 on NBC at 8 p.m. ET.