Rachel Uchitel is thinking about what it will take for her to be able to move on in life.

The hostess and nightclub manager joined the “Pretty Messed Up” podcast to talk about seeking closure after the infamous affair she had with Woods. 

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Asked if she wishes she could reach out to Woods, Uchitel replied “I definitely think there are people in my life that I need to have closure with, that I have not had closure with and that prevents me from moving on in my life.”

She added, “I think about that exact question a lot.”

Uchitel also revealed how she felt after hearing about Woods’s accident earlier this week.

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On Tuesday morning, the golf legend was injured in a traffic collision that saw his vehicle rollover in California.

Uchitel admitted that she physically had a reaction because her phone was blowing up and she felt sick. 

Discussing why she decided to take part in the recent HBO documentary, “Tiger”, she explained, “In the absence of truth, people just go on and on with this narration and create this fake story which is the reason why I really chose to speak after 10 years and I did the HBO documentary.”

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“In the absence of truth, they created these shackles around me and really created this story that wasn’t true, and I felt the need to speak once and for all.”