Fran Lebowitz is joining Jon Lovett for a hilarious conversation on “Star Wars”, among other things.

Lebowitz revealed that she first saw the original film “by accident.”

Telling Lovett on his Crooked Media “Lovett or Leave It” podcast, “I saw the first ‘Star Wars’ by accident, truthfully, because whenever it came out in the ’70s it came out, I used to just go to every movie. So I went to ‘Star Wars’. I had no idea what it was about. About 10 minutes into it, I said to my friend, this is a science fiction movie.”

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Lovett thought the same was pretty self-explanatory, to which Lebowitz responded, “I thought maybe it was a fight between two movie stars. I don’t know what I thought it was.”

While she did sit through the entire thing, that was the last “Star Wars” film she has seen.

Lovett also questioned Lebowitz over not being a “misanthrope” but rather a “curmudgeon”.

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“I agree, I’m not a misanthrope,” Lebowitz said. “I was instantly called a curmudgeon, I mean, when my first book came out, I was 27, okay, I did, that’s fairly young and right away, people were writing what we have here is a young curmudgeon. And this was a very startling thing because I guess curmudgeons are supposed to be old, but of course, this sort of thing you grow into.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Lebowitz expressed her disdain for Bill De Blasio and thoughts on pop music.

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