Prince William And Kate Middleton Chat With High Risk Individuals About The COVID-19 Vaccine

Prince William and Kate Middleton are learning about the long-term health conditions of COVID-19.

Taking part in a video call, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spoke to Fiona Doyle and Shivali Modha about their experiences in the pandemic and being offered the vaccine as part of the high priority group.

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Both were supported by Diabetes UK and Asthma UK throughout the pandemic for their respective ailments.

“I have always been somebody who truly believes in vaccines, and I truly believe in science and medicine. I think that it’s the best way to look ahead to have a much brighter future and go back to normality. I really hope that as many people as possible, when they get called up for it, take it… It’s nice to know mentally that you have that layer of protection,” Doyle told William and Kate.

During the call, Kate asked one daughter if she was “excited” her mom was getting the vaccine. “Very,” the young girl responded.

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“A lot of anxiety going around,” William agreed. “It’s kinda that unknown and that fear that eated away and eroded our family and family lives more than anything else.”

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