Dan Reynolds is donating a big part of his heritage to a good cause.

On Friday, the Imagine Dragons frontman appeared on “Good Morning America” alongside Apple CEO Tim Cook and Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith to announce the new “$8 Million, 8 Houses” campaign from Encircle, a nonprofit that’s behind creating resource centres for LGBT+ youth throughout the states of Arizona, Idaho, Nevada and Utah.

Reynolds donated his childhood home in Las Vegas, valued at $1 million, which will be the first Encircle home in the city; there are presently three homes in Utah, with a fourth in the process of being built.

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“Encircle is about bringing young LGBTQ+ people and their families together, by including the community and strengthening the bonds that connect us,” Reynolds and wife Aja Volkman said in a statement.

“Being a part of this organization means so much to both of us and we know the house Dan grew up in will be a loving and supportive home to every young LGBTQ+ person who crosses the threshold,” they added.

“Now to know, with my mom and dad’s blessing, I was able to purchase the home for them and it’s going to be the first Encircle home in Las Vegas — that’s powerful for me,” Reynolds said during his “GMA” appearance.

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“This is why I came out. I was getting notes from kids. Kids who were contemplating suicide, kids that and being bullied. I wanted to share a part of my life, and being involved with this with Dan and Ryan — and taking it to a new level — is what it’s all about,” said Cook, discussing Apple’s involvement in the campaign.