The biggest trophies aren’t always the best.

Alexis Ohanian took to Twitter on Sunday to show off his most prized possession that celebrates his wife Serena Williams: one of her limited edition rookie cards.

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Ohanian posted a photo of the card, writing, “Y’all geeked out over the trophy room in our home, but @serenawilliams didn’t show you MY favorite grail in here. It’s from a 1 of 100 set of her rookie card.”

The trophy room Ohanian refers to is in Williams’ stunning Florida mansion, which recently appeared in the pages of Architectural Digest.

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In a video tour Williams gave to AD, she showed her massive trophy collection that also includes “some really cool pieces” that mean a lot to her, including a Wheaties box she appeared on. Williams joked that she is “so bad with trophies” and can’t remember all of them. When she discovered a second place trophy that somehow made its way into the display, she said, “I’m gonna put that one in the trash. Shouldn’t be in here. We don’t keep second place.”