Spike Lee’s children Satchel and Jackson may have made history as Golden Globe Ambassadors this year, but many are wondering why the Globes snubbed Spike and his film “Da 5 Bloods”.

“Here are Spike Lee’s kids. We didn’t nominate his great movie,” one person tweeted, drawing attention to the snub of Lee’s Vietnam veteran film. “It’s still wild that the #GoldenGlobes got Spike Lee’s kids to be ambassadors but completely snubbed ‘Da Five Bloods,'” one user commented.

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“[H]ow embarrassing for the Golden Globes to have Spike Lee’s kids in this spot when they completely snubbed his excellent movie,” another added.

Jeopardy! All-Star, 2015 Tournament of Champions winner Alex Jacobs tweeted, “Damn the Golden Globes ambassadors are Spike Lee’s kids and they still snubbed ‘Da 5 Bloods’.”

Satchel and Lee follow in the grand tradition of the Globes choosing Hollywood progeny to take on the largely ceremonial role. The children of Spike and his wife, Tonya Lewis Lee, they are the first Black siblings to be chosen for this role. Jackson is also the first Black male ambassador and Satchel is the first openly queer ambassador.

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Satchel has previously spoken about the lack of recognition her father often faces. “When he was making movies that nobody was responding to or they weren’t as big as they have been, it didn’t really faze him,” she previously told The New York Times, explaining that he would turn his attention to his next project.