Judge Judy Says Her Feelings Are Not Necessarily PC: ‘They Are Realistic’

Judge Judy Sheindlin is sharing her thoughts on PC culture.

The outspoken TV star explained how working as a litigator and a judge in New York’s family court for a quarter-century “toughened” her, while speaking with The Guardian.

“Are my feelings necessarily PC and kumbaya? No. They are realistic,” said Sheindlin.

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The 78-year-old star explained how ignoring reality in order to be politically correct can sometimes be “hurtful — mostly to children.”

“How do you put together in your brain a mother punishing a child by putting out a cigarette on his arm? A parent punishing a child for wetting their pants by making them sit in scalding water? How do you do that!” she said. “Do you say: ‘Well, I’m going to look at the childhood of the parent — maybe that’s all the parent knew?’ Not in my world. In my world, if that’s the way you know how to parent, you shouldn’t have any more children.”

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Accepting that not everyone agrees with her no-nonsense opinions, Sheindlin continued, “Some people didn’t like my style — I told them to bug off.”

She also insisted that she never tries to be “gratuitously nasty or mean, without trying to make a point.”

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“Judge Judy” is set to wrap its 25 season run after this season, with Sheindlin’s new show, “Judy Justice”,  slated for Amazon.

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