Eddie Murphy Talks Bad Australian Accents And Surprising His Daughter With A Visit From Leonardo DiCaprio

His impressions might be famous but Eddie Murphy admits he has trouble with Australian accents.

On Tuesday, the “Coming 2 America” star appears on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to talk about his long-awaited new sequel and much more.

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During the conversation, the comedian says that despite his skills for doing vocal impersonations and his own fiancée Paige Butcher being Australian, he can’t actually do an Australian accent.

“I can’t get the Australian accent. It’s too close to… Australian, British, New Zealand, and South African are all so kinda close, I can’t get the Australian one,” he explains. “And [Paige] doesn’t sound like she has an accent to me, so she’s no help at all.”

With “Coming 2 America” almost out — 33 years after the original — Murphy says he already has an idea for “Coming to America 3”.

“It can’t take place till I’m 75,” he says. “I’ll have to wait 16 years for it.”

Asked if he understands what it will be like to sit in the makeup chair for hours when he’s 75, Murphy laughs, “I don’t think the barbers will be in the third one.”

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DeGeneres also welcomes Murphy’s 19-year-old daughter Bella to the show, and she tells the story of meeting Leonardo DiCaprio.

“I forgot that famous people sometimes show up to my dad’s parties, so I was very unprepared, and I was in the dining room in my pyjamas,” she recalls. “And then Leonardo DiCaprio walked through the door, and I started freaking out.”

She adds, “I think my dad knew that Leonardo DiCaprio was coming, but he didn’t tell me, because he wanted it to be a surprise.”

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