Just like everyone else, Jimmy Fallon and John Legend have had enough of quarantine life after a year of being stuck indoors.

The pair reflect on a full year spent in lockdown in a new “Tonight Show” segment, with Fallon singing to the tune of “Belle” from “Beauty and the Beast” in “March Again”: “March again. It’s another morning. Every day like the one before.

“It’s been a full year of waking up to say, ‘I’m bored. Indoors. I’m bored, I’m bored indoors.'”

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“Just yesterday I barely heard of TikTok. Now I’m the CEO of swag,” Fallon later adds.

He also mentions unused Peloton bikes, watching “The Office” for the sixth time, and all the Zoom calls he’d been a part of.

Legend then joins him to show off his unwaxed chest, with him swigging wine in the bathtub.

The singer croons, “Oh, isn’t this amazing? Wasn’t it just March 2020? I’ve forgotten what time means and I haven’t waxed my chest since quarantine week three.”

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Watch the pair belt out the whole track in the clip above.

Fallon also challenges Legend to make an improvised ballad based on a series of random topics like McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes and “The Queen’s Gambit” on the show.

Plus, he reveals his childhood ambitions to be on “Star Search”.