Raine Stern rocked out on Monday night’s episode of “The Voice”.

The 22-year-old from Madison, Wisconsin, belted out her own version of MGMT’s “Electric Feel”, showing off her guitar-playing skills.

Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Nick Jonas turned their chairs, with Shelton saying: “I’m not speechless that often.”

Legend quipped, “We wish you were more often.”

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Shelton went on, “You really know how to milk a performance and it just kept getting better and more amplified.

“You are a rare find, you’re about to have your moment in the music industry and you deserve it.”

Jonas gushed, “That was electrifying, no pun intended. You are one of the most unique performers and creatives that we’ve seen on the show.”

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Jonas’s bid for the singer was enough to win her over, as she opted for Team Nick.

See his reaction in the clip above.