It’s been more than three years since Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and fiancé Jason Statham welcomed their first child, son Jack.

In a new cover story and accompanying photoshoot for Elle UK, the 33-year-old model admitted that her body isn’t quite the same as it was before pregnancy.

Asked about her attitude on aging, Huntington-Whiteley offered an honest response.

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“As someone who’s built a lot, if not all of their business on looking a certain way, there may come a time when my answer to this is truthfully quite different, but I’m still 33 — so I’m starting to see fine lines and perhaps things don’t sit where they did pre-baby, but I’m okay with it, I can make it work,” she says.

“Certainly, I know myself and, as I get older, I will be pushing back on any kind of idea that I should be or look a certain way,” she added.

In the interview, she also opens up about her relationship with Statham, reflecting on the first time they met.

“I remember calling my friend the next day and just being like, ‘Wow, he’s so unexpectedly not who I thought he’d be. He’s so grounded and humble, he’s really fun and charismatic and energetic.’ Those were all things I just wasn’t expecting about him and what drew me to him,” she said.

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“He knows the value of a pound. And he understands what hard work gets you,” she continued. “He didn’t act until he was well into his 30s, so he had this big chunk of life where he was a painter and decorator and he was on the door of clubs and he was on the market stall, trading… So he’s got that real groundedness and I love the fact he will pass that on to our child as well.”

The full interview can be found in the April 2021 issue of Elle UK, which hits newsstands on March 4.

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