Dr. Mehmet Oz helped save a man’s life after he suddenly collapsed at a New Jersey airport.

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Speaking with ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey, the hero himself didn’t spare any details while describing exactly what went down.

“My daughter who is pretty calm said ‘Daddy, daddy’ and I turn around and there was a man who collapsed in front of her and a pool of blood around his head where his face had hit the ground,” Oz recalls.

“[I] couldn’t get a pulse. I couldn’t feel a heartbeat so that’s a bad sign. Means he actually died while standing and then fell over afterward. It’s called sudden death,” he continued.

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The 60-year-old then tore open the man’s shirt and started doing chest compressions, before an officer leaned down and asked if he could help in any way.

“By that time we had a defibrillator brought in and when he started to pink up and we got the heart beating again after shocking him while I was still pushing oxygen into his lungs, it was just a relief,” Oz shares.

The doctor continues: “I texted with his wife just now and he’s doing very well today. I mean it’s really been a blessing.”

Check out our full interview with Dr. Oz above.