The master of horror is looking back.

On Wednesday, iconic author Stephen King appeared on Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show” and reminisced about some of the movies based on his best-known books.

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Among those titles was the 1984 film “Firestarter”, which starred none other than a young Barrymore, hot off her breakout role in “E.T.”

I thought that you were terrific in that part, that was very, very difficult and you were great. Every time you got ready to light a fire your beautiful blonde hair would blow back it was great,” King said.

“I loved getting to play Charlie McGee more than words can ever express and when you’re seven and you think you can blow people away with a fireball it’s really empowering,” Barrymore added.

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King also talked about the celebrated coming-of-age drama “Stand By Me”, which was based on his short story “The Body”.

“What I remember about writing that was my wife and I were living in an old house that was too small for a writing room and there was a barn next door and I used to work on ‘Stand By Me’, which was then called ‘The Body’, in my underwear because it was summer and it so hot in there,” he said.

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