Kylie Jenner Says ‘I Peed My Pants’ As She Gets Drunk On Tequila With Sister Kendall For New YouTube Clip

Kylie Jenner’s next “Drunk Get Ready With Me” YouTube video might be her best yet.

The cosmetics mogul is joined by her sister Kendall Jenner to film the much-loved clip, with the pair sharing numerous teasers on social media this week.

In one video, Kylie said, laughing, “I peed my pants,” while struggling to hold it together.

Kylie also shared a photo of a bar cart with three bottles of Kendall’s new 818 tequila on it.

The pair sported interesting makeup looks, with Kendall being covered in pink blush with matching eyeshadow and overdrawn lipliner.

“It’s burning my tongue,” she quipped in another video, after seemingly using some kind of lip plump gloss. “What’s in this s**t?!”

Kylie’s look, on the other hand, featured pink and yellow blush, blue lipstick, sparkly pink eyeshadow and winged liner.

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Kendall’s clip, when it airs, will come after Kylie posted a “Get Ready With Us” video with her sister Kourtney on Friday.

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