Alec Baldwin Jokes About Gillian Anderson’s American Accent During Her Golden Globes Speech

Alec Baldwin made a joking remark about Gillian Anderson’s accent while trying to make a point about the controversy that’s been dogging his wife.

Hilaria Baldwin faced backlash over accusations that both her accent and claims of Spanish heritage were exaggerated, and that she was known as Hillary when she lived in Boston (she responded by saying she travelled frequently back and forth between Spain and Boston).

During Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards, Anderson gave a speech to accept her win in the Supporting Actress category for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher on “The Crown”.

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Accepting the award in her native American accent, many viewers (particularly the ones who hadn’t watched “The X-Files”) were confused, having assumed she was British and that she was putting on a fake accent for the awards.

The confusion is understandable; while Anderson was born in Chicago, she also spent her teenage years living in London, where she’s resided for several years now; as a result, many of her recent roles have been U.K. productions in which she uses a British accent.

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When Baldwin came across a CNN report about viewers who wondered what was up with Anderson’s accent, he retweeted a link to the story, along with a brief message.

“Switching accents ? That sounds…fascinating,” he wrote.

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