Jimmy Fallon has apparently been watching “WandaVision”, as viewers can see in a sneak peek at Wednesday’s edition of “The Tonight Show”.

In a sketch titled “FallonVision”, Fallon is joined by “WandaVision” star Elizabeth Olsen (via Zoom) for a time-bending trip through TV history; unlike the sitcoms of “WandaVision”, however, “FallonVision” takes viewers through several different time periods of the iconic late-night talk show.

The sketch begins by mimicking the 1950s-era, black-and-white “Tonight Show”, with Fallon’s host welcoming Olsen, who’s promoting her new movie “The Boxcar Gals and the Fellas From Tulum”.

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The screen then shifts to a 1970s version, then an early 1990s version — complete with a dated Tipper Gore joke — before hopping through other decades and finally arriving at the present.

Meanwhile, another “WandaVision” star makes a surprise cameo at the video’s end to claim responsibility for Fallon’s twisted trip through “Tonight Show” history.

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Olsen also talked to Fallon about the hit Disney+ series, revealing that she’s currently in London, England, filming the “Doctor Strange” sequel.

“It is a complete tee-up for my character,” Olsen said of how “WandaVision” and “Doctor Strange 2” connect.

Fallon showed the actress some online memes inspired by “WandaVision” to get her reaction.

“I don’t remember bending like that. That isn’t anatomically correct to my body,” Olsen said of one meme featuring a stunt from the show.