Paul Bettany admits he didn’t think “WandaVision” was ever going to work as he chatted with Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday’s show.

The actor, who plays Vision on the hit show, says “absolutely not” when asked if he knew it was going to be so popular.

“We thought that we were going to be sort of the kooky cousin in the Marvel universe, and it’s been really extraordinary.”

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Bettany adds that it’s now “this phenomenon and I am so thankful for that,” saying it’s been an “incredible ride.”

The star also reveals why he’s in no rush to teach his kids how to drive after a previous skiing incident.

Bettany shares sons Kai, 23, and Stellan, 17, and daughter Agnes, 9, with wife Jennifer Connelly.

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The actor tells DeGeneres, “I taught one of my children to ski and it was the worst experience of my life. I’ll never make that mistake again.

“We were on a ski lift and we were going up and we were all excited and he was a bit nervous,” adding they looked down and saw a man screaming at his kid to get down the mountain, whom they thought was overreacting at the time.

Bettany says, “My kid got about halfway down and he froze, he got really frightened,” saying that it didn’t take long at all for him to turn into the shouting dad.