There are two things that make Tom Hanks fart: beans and Paul Bettany.

Bettany appeared on Wednesday’s episode of Global’s “The Late Late Show” and confirmed that he did indeed elicit a toot from Hanks on the set of “The Da Vinci Code”.

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“I had to grab him and I had to punch him in the stomach and it’s very quiet on set… It’s always more quiet when there’s a stunt going on because you’re worried somebody’s gonna get hurt,” Bettany said. “So, everybody’s listening, and I punched him in the stomach and he farted really, really, really loudly.

“But really loudly. I didn’t know what the form was. What do you do when the biggest movie star in the world farts? I kinda looked at him,” Bettany continued. “And he went, ‘What is wrong with you? You just made me fart!'”

Hanks once told the story on “The Graham Norton Show”.

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“Paul came rushing in and I met him, and what had to happen was he was supposed to knock me down against a desk and then I landed on the ground,” Hanks shared. “When I hit the floor, I farted.”

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