Anthony Mackie Proves He Can Take The Heat On ‘Hot Ones’

Spice is no match for this superhero.

On the latest episode of the web series “Hot Ones”, Anthony Mackie steps up to the plate to answer questions while eating spicier and spicier wings.

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As always on the show, things start off smoothly enough, but as the heat ramps up, the “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” star does feel the burn, at one point getting up to take a much-needed break.

“I should’ve had bread, but I forgot to get bread,” he said, while chowing down on corn chips to bring down the heat.

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Later, he quotes lines from Shakespeare to show how learning the Bard’s verse helped him with the rapping in “8 Mile”.

Mackie also reveals his desire to star in a home renovation or cooking show, admitting that when he’s home, all he watches on TV are the Food Network, ESPN, and HGTV.

After a couple more breaks, Mackie finally makes it through to the end having conquered the spice.

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