Janet Dickinson is having her say on some of the biggest supermodels and influencers of 2021.

According to the former “America’s Next Top Model” judge, catwalkers like Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid are “never on the level” of Cindy Crawford, Brooke Shields, Christie Brinkley and other supermodels from decades gone by.

“The models of the seventies and eighties do not compare to the models of today. The Instagram models get famous and get put into Vogue, the Kylie Jenner’s and the Gigi Hadids and the Bella Hadid’s,” said the 66-year-old star while joining David Yontef on the “Behind the Velvet Rope” podcast.

“I mean, they are very pretty women, but they’re not supermodels,” she continued. “You see them in advertising and Vogue uses them because they have millions and millions and millions of followers… Vogue has the subscription of what 800,000 and Kylie Jenner has got like twenty-five million people following her, something like that. Never on the level of the girls from the seventies and eighties and the nineties, we were fabulous.”

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Explaining the reasons why she believes today’s supermodels are inferior to the models of the past, she added, “They have one look, they don’t really diversify their movements. They just stand there. And get paid millions of dollars. Oh they are not fierce walkers.”

Dickinson also alleged that her former “ANTM” co-star Tyra Banks “doesn’t like women”. 

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“If you want to get in with Tyra, you compliment her 24/7,” she claimed. “And you know, you just have to be able to put up with that type of woman who only likes gay men. She did not like me. She didn’t like other women. She loved only like gay men.”

Recalling her negative past experience with “Sound of Music” star Julie Andrews, Dickinson went on, “I once met Julie Andrews at UCLA and she was in this back room and I was politely waiting my turn in line to get a selfie and at least, you know, get an autograph.”

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“And she, she stopped in front of me and she says, I’ve had enough. Thank you. And I was like ‘enough of what?’ I, I stood in this line to get your autograph politely. She was like, ‘well, I’m done. I’m tired.’ I was like, ‘f**k you, man. How Dare you. You can go Sound and music elsewhere’. She’s a b***h. She hurt my feelings.”